Error Message

I am getting a very strange error message [B)] whenever I tried to look the balance by periods on Chart of accounts. The system gives me a fin.exe error and come out of the system. The error message on event is something like this [8)]: Faulting Application Fin.exe Version 2.602.5709. Fault Address 0x001116e3 The environment is as follows : Windows XP, Navision 2.60F My Database is on WinNT 4.0 Server. [?][?][?] Thanx in Advance

Hi, Restart the server and then try to see.Once I got the same type of error in Navision 3.6. After restarting the server it was working fine.

But on other systems its working fine. The problem is only on one of the system.

Hi, Kindly reinstall and check it.(Might be fin.exe is corrupted)