Has anyone created a SSRS report to show shipped amount today not invoiced.

Were using Nav 2016. I’m wanting to create a SSRS report showing Shipped Amount $Value today not invoiced.

I’m thinking the Sales Shipment Header, Sales Shipment line, and posted package table to be used.

Any advise is much appreciated.


you should use Sales Header and Sales Line for this. You have all the information there. (Shipped quantity, Unit price,Invoiced Quantity)

Not if the order is fully posted.

I think the recommended way would be by using Item Ledger Entries, once it’s shipped it’ll show in ILE but won’t yet show as invoiced.

if you look at report 10541 (Think it’s only in the GB version it’ll show you how) or you could just nab that report if you’re happy to use a NAV RDLC report rather an an SSRS one.