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Is there a report in Nav2009 that gives details of posted shipments that have not as yet been invoiced ?

I have looked at the reports in order processing in S&M but cannot see one. Need it for Classic and RTC.

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There is a report called Sales-Shipment accessed by order processing->documents. This report will show you all shipped, you can make one very minor modification to this report to get shipped but not invoiced records.

Thanks for that Imran, You couldn’t let me have details of the modification please?

You just have to filter sales shipment line with Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced <>0. To achieve that you have to go to report desgin, place your cursor on sales shipment line dataitem, click properties. Type Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced to the right of property Reqfilterfields. Thats it. On running report choose Sales shipment line tab and filter Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced <>0. You will going to see the details of invoice which only shipped and not invoiced.

If you are running the UK version of NAV there is a goods shipped not invoiced report out of the box.


I am using the UK version. Where is the report, could not easily see it.



I am using the UK version. Where is the report, could not easily see it.


I have not got a UK version anymore, but I uploaded a copy to the downloads section here, if you tried to import it into a test system it would conflict with the existing object. Memory tells me it was an inventory report, but I cannot remember to be honest.


If you find what you are looking for could you please copy me I’d find this very useful.

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Looking at NAV2009 Sp1, the UK Local report ‘Stock Shipped not Invoiced’ is report ID 10541 and can be found under:

Sales & Marketing → Inventory & Pricing → Reports → Stock Shipped not Invoiced.

Hope this is of help.

When I do that, the report prints all of the Sales Shipments- thousands of them. But on the ones that are fully invoiced, it only prints the header.

How can I set up the report so that it suppresses the Sales Shipment headers when the lines are fully shipped and only prints those where Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced <>0?

Looking at many other posts, I cobbled together this code and experimented with inserting it into the various “OnPost” triggers: IF TempSalesShipmentLine.“Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced”= 0 THEN CurrReport.SKIP;

Clearly this is not my forte and the above statement will probably make you laugh or at least smile. I am using NAV 5.0.