Report to see if shipments are invoiced

We are using Warehouse Management and want to see if the shipments posted by WM are invoiced. Is there a report in 3.6 that will show if shipments have or have not been invoiced in table form? Thanks.

Hi Skolnick, Don’t know if there’s a report in 3.60 for it, but I made a simple report myself: DataItem: Sales Shipment Line DataItemTableView: SORTING(Order No.,Order Line No.) ORDER(Ascending) WHERE(Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced=FILTER(<>0)) To display the Nett Sales Amount Excl. VAT I added a variable gDecSalesExNett. In the OnPreDataItem: CurrReport.CREATETOTALS(gDecSalesExNett); In the OnAfterGetRecord: gDecSalesExNett := “Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced” * (“Unit Price” * ((100 - “Line Discount %”) / 100));

Thank you for the info. I am starting to play with the reports so this will be a good exercise.

We use version 2.6 with Advanced Distribution module and I just use the Sales Line table and filter the Shipped Not Invoiced Quantity field for >0, then copy and paste to excel. In excel I sort the data by customer and order number. It is not as fast as a report, but does the job.

Took the advise and created a report using the Sales Line table only that shows per order in columnar form: Customer #, Item #, Shipment Date, Quantity Ordered and Quantity Shipped Not Invoiced. The report was placed in Sales & Receivables for users to run themselves. I like the look of the report and the users will be happy they run the report anytime they wish without my intervention. However, I looked at how to summarize the report in the Application Designer’s Guide and it started to get into C/AL Code and such. What I would like to further give the users is the ability to not print the detail but rather just one line item without the items that are not invoiced. Is there an easy way to do this? Do I need to learn C/AL lingo and stuff? Thank you!