grid record deletion problem


we develpoed a

custom form,
custom tables and
form is attached with a grids and it has a master/detail relation

Our problem is

when we want to delete a record from the grid
it is not deleting the current record but
it always deteles the first or last record

Our requirement is
to delete the current record on
which the cursor is pointing out

please replay urgent…


Well, actually the basic functionality does delete the active record, not the first or last one. Probably, you mis-developed something. Try chechking the delete method, the validateDelete methods. Do you use the Alt + F9 to delete the record or do you have a special button for it on your form? If so, re-check the button onclick code. Also, there might me something wrong with the joining of your tables in the master/detail way. Sorry can’t help more, but the info you provided is simply not enough to tell something certain. But what is obvious, is that it’s not basic functionality of Axapta. Good luck