Forecast in Navision Attain 3.10

Hi all, I’m using attain 3.10. It looks like MRP doesnt work well when including forecasts. any clue??? Facts: On hand : 500 Reorder point : 150 Safety Stock : 250 Foecasts: 1000 from September to February No sales orders. No productions orders In the calculate plan ( MPS and MRP checked), order date: 1 january 2001 ending date: 1 february 2003 When running calculate plan, No results!!! how and when forecats are used??

You’re right - in this area Business Management International’s manufacturing solution MRPii (released for Navision Financials in 1998 - orginally developed by Danish PCA) is still way ahead of Navision Manufacturing! Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Hi Rosine I suggest you check the item set-up, because the forecasts can be seen when I run the MRP/MS. what is you requisition method and set-up? I am unaware of Business Management International’s manufacturing solution MRPii, but I can get Navision’s to work!! Steve

Hi Steve, you were right. I have something in my planning worksheet but i have a feeling that quantities are not good. I have: 02/09 750 ??? 02/10 1000 02/11 1000 02/12 1000 03/01 1000 03/02 1000 How come the first qty is 750, it looks like SS has been added and it shouldnt.

Hi Rosine Since You have 500 on hand and a safety stock on 250 that means that You can use the remaing 250 on hand. That leads to a production of 750 to meet Your need for 1000. //Lars

Hi Lars, That’s correct . So everything looks good now. Thanks. Rosine