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After failing my efforts to search my query in this website, I decided to post my query.

We are setting up Planning system in Navision 4.0 (SP3) . So, we need to setup safety stock and reorder qty for Items.

I have done a testing and found out that, it is possible to only use Requisition work sheet with SKU card, if there is no SKU card setup for the Item then the requisition work sheet does not calculate the required qty for the Item even if we have setup Safety stock setup in Item card.

For Ex: this is my setup in Item Card (without SKU setup)

Replenishment System = purchase

Reordering policy = fixed reorder qty

Safety stock = 100

Is my understanding correct? or did i miss any setup’s. I have tried this several times and requisition worksheet works only with SKU and not with Item card

Look forward to some help…



No you are wrong in your assumption regarding SKU’s and the planning system.

In the manufacturing setup define the components at location field as your main warehouse - you currently have this set to blank, which is why it is not working, you have not told NAV which warehouse to plan for.

Adam, Thank You very much…

when you say I am wrong in my assumption, I guess it’s only for Item card Becausce SKU’s were working fine.

Now, I did a testing on your suggestion and I am able to run the MRP for just Item card without having to setup SKU. But the problem is, I can only have 1 location default in Manufacturing setup and this is applicable to all Items. Anyway, I am still allowed to change the location in MRP line.

By the way, can you please tell me, what is the best practise to setup SKU’s for Items, we have a function in Navision on each Item card-functions-create stock keeping unit.

We have atleast 500 Items we need to setup different Locations in SKU for each Item.

Awaits your response.



The assumption you had that was incorrect was that you had to have SKUs to run planning.

There is only one location because this is your main location - it will still plan demand and fulfill it at other locations as long as the setting is not blank. Obviously if you have different stock holding and functions at different locations you need SKUs.

Cannot remember if there is a periodic process, but memory tells me there is a wizard. Anyway if each is different you need to set each up anyway.

Thanks Adam, I got you!!

Oh, sorry, may be I didn’t put it the correct way, The Idea for setting up SKU’s was, We have different locations where our stock is stored at and that’s why we wanted SKU’s to be setup becausce the same Items in different location will have a different cost.

Yeah each Item will have atleast more than one Location, Hhhmm…ok, now the list of Items to be setup for SKU has grown to 1000, in our previous company the Navision Partner used to perform Data Migration for large data via Data ports. Will this work for setting up SKU’s?

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Yes a dataport can populate the SKU table.

Adam, thanks for all your help!!

One more request from my side. I am doing a testing and have this problem.

When i run the MRP for manufacturing items, it does create lines which need to be produced (production order) but when I carry out action message, it says “there is nothing to create”

Any idea what I would have missed out?

Thanks again.


What is the action message on the line?

The Action Message is “New”



Nope no idea, you would need to debug it.

Ok Adam, That’s fine.

Thanks for all your help!