MRP not for Sales Order, possible?

When we run Planning Worksheet, Navision will calculate all Sales Order, Forecast, Firm Planned Production Order as demand, right? But my customer has many open Sales Orders. Therefore, MRP result is mess. My idea is to create a Firm Planned Production Order for final finished good. Then MRP calculates BOM for this finished good and creates Production Orders for parts, and creates Purchase Order also. I am thinking to modify MRP calculation routine to filter Sales Order. Is it possible? Any one has done this job? Or any solution for this scenario?

I’m not sure I get your point. Are you trying to produce the production order for finished product in a first run and then the MRP for lower levels? If so, you could try to run planning calculation for MPS only, it considers only sales order and forecast and suggest the supply order to satisfy those demands. Then you could change/confirm the suggestions and run another calculation for MRP only. hope this helps

Hi, Elena, thanks for your reply. Actually, I don’t want Navision to consider Sales Order when running MRP. That means Navision only calculates forecast and seggest the supply order to fill those demands. I am not sure whether it is clear.

I understand what you are doing, it is odd the way Navision links (or doesn’t link) Slaes Orders and Forecasts. The issue is that planning uses about 400 individual codeunits, as well as hiding code on forms tabels reports, and just about anywhere else it can. Its as though it was written as an AddOn, that someone wanted to hide the code in. So your first step anyway is to determine the customer reqirement to integrate Forecasts and Orders, and trust me EVERY client has a different concept of this. Though basically you need to define a rull for when a forecast is valide, and when it is taken over by orders. ANd you must think carefully about windows. It is too big a job to use actual lead times to create the windows, so you have to work on a time frame that generally covers most of your production requirements, so eg. A forecast is valid for a particular month, and pro ratas 1/30th every day,and actual sales orders, and posted shipments consume from the forecast at the same ratio. Another option, is to have code that just depletes forcasts by any entered order amount in that same period. Believe me though, getting your cleint to decide th formula is the biggest task. Next is finding where that bit of code is hidden in the planning system. I have generally found it easier to write a batch routine that periodically updates the forcast data, than to have code modifiny the way planning works, but each cleint is different.

This issue is solved. In codeunit 99000854 Inventory Profile Offsetting, there is one function called DemandtoInvProfile. Just remark the code for SalesLine, the demand of Sales won’t be calculated. I tested and it looks like fine.