Fixed Assets

Has anyone had any experience in the rental of fixed assets, i.e. where you rent out your own fixed assets to clients and invoice them regularly (monthly) ? Specifically has this been accomplished using the standard Navision functionality, or did you have to make mods and if so how extensively ?

Hi, It is included in the 3.00. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Thanks Valentin, I’ve been looking through V3 but can’t find it. What you can do which you couldn’t in 2.6 is sell a Fixed Asset, but not a rental option. I believe that by creating a recurring jounal one can do this, but then you still need a link to be able to invoice the " contents" of the Journal

Yes, You cannot rental a fixed assets, but can only sell in the v3.0. But to handle the above scenerio. You can do it with the use of resources. You can setup a resources and register the rentals through the sales invoices. You can create field in the resource card to mention the fixed asset number. And probably a report to show all the rented the fixed assets and their net invoiced value. Thanks Best regards, Prashanth

Hi, I thought to use a Service Granule for Rental of the Fixed Asset. If I understand you can create rental contract and bill customer according to this contract. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi, The granule you are talking off is the Loaners if I am not wrong, this can be used for only items. And you have to create service orders from contracts to do this. Thanks Best regards, Prashanth

I think it has a lot of merit in that one can create a contract for the rental, and then invoice periodically. A little bit of development perhaps, but a lot easier than starting from scratch.

hi If I have understood you right, you can do the rental of fixed assets in the normal way using the Sales and receivables module. Why do you need to use the Fixed Assets module unless of course if you want to find out what is the revenue generated, costs etc of each asset… If that is the case go ahead and open up fixed assets as your items(if it is possible in Attain as mentioned by Prashanth)…infact they are your service items…arent they!! I would say this is the easiest solution instead of going in for developing a link between Fixed assets and renting options… Cheers Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group