25,000 customers with the same recurring invoice

Hi, I am trying to implement an interesting project of bringing in approx. 25,000 cleints who all pay approx the same amount ($5.00) everymonth. How do I set up these customers to have an automatically generated invoice for $5.00 each month? Is there a ready module/granule in Navision? Please advise.

Hi, Please check the Sales & Receivables->Periodic Activities->Recurring Journal

…and if you need to create a complete invoice document with sales lines information you’ll need to develop something new. There doesn’t exist a module/granule for this task but it’s really easy to develop this automatic invoice creation. I remember that my NTR used a similar example during my C/SIDE course, so if you want just let me know to pass you some lines of code… Saludos Nils

Rajesh and Nils, thank you for your replies! Rajesh, I can imagine creating Recurring journal for 10 or 20 customers, but I have 25,000. Is there a way to automate the process? (hopefully by Customer Posting Group?) Nils, any help will be very appreciated. Thanks again!

Denis, I can send you this example of which I have been talking about, it’s a small processing only report. Just drop me a mail… n.michaelis@gmx.net . By the way, what do you mean by “automate the process by Customer Posting Group”?? Saludos Nils

Hello, We have a rental program where there are invoices generated monthly and annually. Our solution center created a new document type (Rental Order) in the Sales Header and Sales Line Table and created a function to copy these to document type = Invoice, then we just use the Post Batch routine to post.