Manage waste disposal container

Hi guys! One of my prospect would like to manage waste disposal container into Navision. In fact they rent those "Waste disposal container " to their customers. My Questions. 1. How can I do that into Navision? 2. How the “renting process” can be manage into Navision? Thanks for advice

Hi Nothing as standard will really handle this. You never really sell them, you move them to customer sites, track them through tags and then periodically invoice based upon a period of time. You could handle this manually with resources, or even items, but this are not clean methods. Your best bet is to write some modifications to handle this smoothly. I know of a couple of similar requirements, but I also believe a third party add-on exists for this funcitonality, although depending upon your needs it could be overkill. Post the question in the developer forum, someone may have developed a solution.

Thanks Steven! Please can you explain your work around a little bit.

Hi Transfer it to a customer billing location. Manually raise sales invoices every month based upon the contents of this location.

Easiest place to do this is probably using Blanket Orders

thought I already replied… shanna, try these guys have agreat rental managment package. Don’t forget to tell them, that you found out abot them on

Thanks David! It looks like that software can help me.