Fixed assets reverse entry or differential entry should be pass.for the new invoicess differntial entry

Dear All,

I have created new fixed asset card as on 13/1/14 and for this FA i booked one invoice Rs. 30,000 on the same day.

I used Straight line method for this with 10%. ok

Everything working is fine.

But when i booked new invoice for the same fixed asset Rs, 40,000 as on 14/1/14 and i run the calculating batch job run that time i came to know asset including the both values and on both the values system calculating deoreciation.

Actully i required system should be calculate depreciation on latest invoice.

Second case i tried that for the same FA with the different date i tried to depreiciate but system takes starting date to till and my question is system shuld be pass revese entry at the time of new depreciation or differntial entry should be pass when i run the dep for next invoice …

is there m missing any set up…??

I trued this in Navision 2013 and navisiion sp 1



Depreciation calculation based on the “Start Depreciation Date”. I don’t understand you well, you sounded like you are posting acquisition to the same “Fixed Asset”? Should it be the way? I should be same class or group of FA but shouldn’t they be different Fixed Asset item? If you actually appreciate the FA, then it will just take in the Cost and remain the same method of depreciation. If your depreciation date is 1st January and you didn’t perform depreciation on Jan and you start calculating February, system will depreciate for 60 days.

Thank you very much