Fixed Assets - Additional Acquisition Costs


  • I have a Fixed Asset with a straight-line method.

  • I do post one invoice and calculate the depreciation.

  • After that I get 2 more invoices for the same item so I post those two additional acquisition costs for the same item.

Standard Navision now does not look at the original depreciation starting date (on FA card) instead it takes the date form the LAST FA ledger entry as starting date (the last invoice posting date) and see how many dates left until the original depreciation Ending date (on FA card) – as you can see it’s not 8 years anymore.

Is there anyway that I can make the new invoices calculate a new Depreciation Ending Date (Invoice Date + 8 years) and deprecate based on this new value?

I still want to have the 1st invoices showing me its original ending date without replacing. So basically I want the system to determine the ending date for the same item for different invoices which I hear the standard accounting terminology is.

Thanks in advance!

No, a mod is needed here.

There is NO link between Invoice posting date and any dates on FA card - be it Depr.Starting or Ending date, and adding another Acq Cost by means on posting an invoice does NOT update anything in FA Card, at least in standard version. Besides, when calculating depreciation, Navision looks ONLY at what is set up in FA Card plus FA Ledger existing entries.

Then, it’s significant WHAT fields you have filled in in FA Card’s Depr.Book part about depreciation parameters. Even if you fill in “5” in Years column, it is different from filling in “20” in percentage column, not to speak about filling in a concrete “Depr.Ending Date”.

If “Depr.End date” is filled in, it would not be changed by posting additional Acq.Costs, In such case Navision will simply enlarge the regular deprec.Amt to get to zero value (or Ending value if such is set) at this Depr.End date - you need to change it manually or write a modification to do it automatically.

BTW, by accounting standarts not always adding more value to FA automatically means extending it’s “life span” or reseting the “life span” counter to zero again. It depends on that exact FA, and usually accountant decides how to behave in every concrete situation, so maybe writing a mod performing the same algorithm in all cases is not the best solution. Consult your accounting Dept first, before deciding for making such mod.

P.S. As you by error had posted this question in unappropriate thread, it was left unnoticed for almost a month - be careful next time, then you’ll get an answer more quickly [;)]