Cannot calculate depreciation while a disposal and disposal reversal is posted

Dear Colleagues!!

There is an issue with a fixed asset depreciation calculation. There has been a FA sale and the disposal has been calculated, posted etc through a sales invoice on 08/2015. Afterwards (within August), it has been decided that the entry was wrong and there has been the reversal invoice entry posted along with the disposal entry cancellation. However, while calculating depreciation for August this asset has not been included - despite the fact that all respective entries (sale and disposal) have been reversed and cancelled respectivelly. I am running the depr process for Sep and it is ok…

Could you please enlighten me?:slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance,


You say that September is ok? Ok like it corrected the amounts from August, or when you look at the total balance for the asset, the it just didn’t do any depreciation’s in August?

It’s quite a while since I worked with the fixed assets module, but is there some way to setup an asset, so that it doesn’t start the depreciation’s until the following month, if acquired during the month? And it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what happening. It sees the complete disposal of the asset, and redisposal as a new beginning. If you haven’t found a solution yet, then I’ll be happy to get my fixed assets refreshed. [:)]

Reversing the disposal itself is tricky (only ONE line -Proceeds on Disposal- must be selected for canceling, not all 3 or 4 generated). This is used for “direct” disposal, not sale of a FA and works OK in all versions.

If you posted a Return Order or Credit Memo to reverse the sales of FA (and following disposal of FA), check the Disposed Of field in Depreciation Book Line for said FA. In some versions of NAV it erroneously remains checked, preventing any further activities including depreciation.