Fixed Assets Implementation

Dear all

I have some questions about FA implementation best practices :

  • Can use one DEPR_BOOK for all assets?? OR EACH asset should have one??
  • Can I depreciate all assets as a whole ( some kind of batch job ) or I should run calculate depreciation for each FA group or DEPR_BOOK ??
  • If I transfer data from old system to NAV , what are the best steps to do this ( we have more than 4000 assets )

thanks in advance for all

  1. Depr Book will be one for all asset

  2. Yes Navision Provide batch job to calculate deperciation of all asset at a time

  3. You need to create every asset as a master .Then upload the acquistion and depreciation value from G/L journal.

Read Fixed asset manual of Navision for better understanding of Module.

dear Amol

Thanks for you reply.



may you explain this in detailed steps??