Fixed Assets Depreciation Value

I am a new user to Navision and I am in the mid of learning the system myself. As of now, I am in FA module and I need to know why we have to input the depreciation value instead of the system generates the value after we have input the depreciation method and the FA useful life ??

Dear Gloong, As far as entering details (inputting) in Fixed Assets - Depreciation Books is concerned, the user has to do the following: Select the Depreciation Book from the list of Depreciation Books set up. The Users set up depreciation books before selecting the same, and the Depreciation books only provide with the basic set up information. And hence the User needs to mention the Depreciable value in the Fixed Asset card. Once this is done the only User needs to Run the Calculate Depreciation Batch job in Periodic Activities which will calculate the Depreciation for all the Assets (or Assets selected in the Batch Job) and insert lines in the FA Journals. Hence the user need not enter the Depreciation Value anywhere, he only needs to mention the Depreciable Basis and Post the Acquisition and other related costs. I hope u are clear as to the above , if not dont hesitate to revert back. Regards Surya