Find out completed orders and completed positions

Hi all, I need to calculate some key performance indicators in a 2.6 database and with two of them I have no idea how to do it. For the first one I need the number of sales orders which have been delivered in time and complete. And for the second one I need the number of completely and in time delivered positions in sales orders, where position means lines in sales order of type “item”. Since the sales orders will be deleted during posting, I can only get data from posted shipments and item ledger entries. Though I’ve got the feeling I’m ignoring something obvious, I’ve no idea how to find out if either of them has been delivered in time and complete. Any hints? Thanks Alex

How do you define “In Time” ?

I missed that part, sorry! The “Shipment Date” of table 36 will be filled with the date to which the customer wants to have the order delivered. If the posting date of the shipment <= shipment date the order/position has been delivered in time.

But in this case you just might check the field No. 21 in the Shipment Header (Table 110) against your posting date of the Shipment Note. You can test this in your object designer by just running the tables. Then: Create a report based on the Table 110 and select key “Auftragsnummer” (“Order No.” for those who can’t read german) Then group your data according While looping through the Shipment Headers, check if all posting dates are <= Shipment date. At the “Group Footer” of that data item, you can easily try to get the Sales Header with the same Order No. If it does not exist, it is delivered completly. If it still exists, you need to check the sales lines for that order if you have any values in the field “Restauftragsmenge” (Field No. 16 = “Remaining Quantity”) If not: completly deliverd else not completely delivered. Now you have both information: completely delivered and delivered in time. This should enable you to get the information you need.

Thank you Thomas! I knew it couldn’t be as dificult as I thought (ich hab den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht gesehen).

That happens to all of us sometimes. That’s why this forum is so great !!