Missing Invoice status in Order line

I have the problem where when to generate report on sales ordered where in SO is only show the deliver and order but not on invoiced but when i saw on PO all the criteria the deliver, ordered and invoiced.

Can all help me…

Can you be more clear?

When a sales order is delivered and invoiced from the Sales order form the sales order is delted upon full invoicing.

Same goes for Purchase order but it is not the common case that you post invoice from Purchase Order form. Instead itis more common to create a purchase invoice and post that. But during that posting the purchase order is not removed automatically. Instead a cleaning job can be run (there is similar cleaning job for sales orders too)

The consequense of the above is that you should not base any reporting on Sales header (table 36) but instead use table 110 for shipments and table 112 for posted invoices.

I hope this answers your question. Otherwise be more specific in your questions.


Thanks Jinnis,

I will get more information if still having the problem…