Tables for Sales Order Data (Invoiced & Outstanding)

Hi Everybody,

I have been trying to get a report of all sales orders (outstanding & invoiced) but the perusal of previous posts revealed to me that there is no such standard report. Now I am trying create a report, but for that I need to know which table is the data it stored in. I have checked Customer, Sales Line, Customer Ledger Entry, Order Type and a few other tables but did not find the required data.

I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me with this.

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are you looking for outstanding balances or oustanding qty of sales order

if you are looking for qty & amount then you shoyld look at sales line table

Hi Amol,

I am looking for a total of outstanding & invoiced sales orders. I understand that invoiced sales order data would be in Customer Ledger Entry table and you have rightly mentioned that the outstanding sales order data would be in Sales Line table. I am looking for the total of outstanding & invoiced sales orders in terms of total amount and amounts per item line of sales orders. Would this data be in any other table as well, other than mentioned above.

Please also correct me if my understanding is worng.



I have also noticed that the Sales Line table does not have an “Order Date” field which is on form Sales order entry form. So is it a different table where the orders’ data is stored instead of Sales Line table or am I missing something here.

Please advise.



I just found that the order date field is in the Sales Header table and it has reference to the Sales through order number.

Hi Guys,

Kindly, advise me on my query. I need to do this for my client and he is getting impatient.



You have to link Sales header & Sales line table .

From Sales Line table you have to look at field outstanding qty and Invoiced qty for getting the data.

Thanks Amol,

Would Sales Invoice LIne table include any data related to invoiced orders.

Yes sales invoice line includes invoice data

HI Amol,

The Sales Header and Sales LIne tables have the data for outstanding orders, right? I pulled up an outstanding sales order in the card and it has a total amount of say 20,638 but I could not find this amount is not in the sales header table nor the value of the Sales Type field as well.

My question is that am I looking at the worng table. Shall I be looking for this value in some other table, if yes, then please specify which table.



In Sales Line Table you have look at the field Outstanding Quantity and OutStanding Amount(LCY) fields to get the desired data. You need to look at the sales header for any additional data if you want to display in Report and not for amount.