Showing sales lines that have already been shipped?

How can I get a list of the sales lines that have already been shipped and find out the date that they were actually shipped on?


Sales Ledger - Reports - Transactions - Sales Order - Order Lines

Tick the quantity and set the line status to “Delivered”.


I see a “Delivery Date” on the report, but is that actually the date the shipment was delivered, or is the wording just misleading and is it the date it was shipped? I’m working on a report to compare requested ship dates to actual ship dates, so what I really need to know is when the item on a particular sales line was actually shipped.

That is the line shipment date, not the actual shipment date, you would need to reference the posted shipment to access this information and enable a comparison.

Then I guess what I’m trying to figure out is where I find that posted shipment? Which form can I find it on or which table is it in? And if it’s in a table like InventTrans which holds a lot of different types of records, how do I filter for only the shipment records?

I am not a developer so I cannot really comment on the best place to do this, but start at the Customer Packing Slip Journal Table maybe a good starting point.