finance dimention for voucher transaction

Where the finance dimensions like Department,Intercompany, country, project and product are stored when we do the voucher transactions form

General ledger module>Journals>General journal

there we go to Liness> and we set the Financial Dimension>Account.




product : and


These dimensions where these dimensions are stored… I mean in which table these dimensions are stored. on what base they are stored.

Please Help.

Thank you

Hi Santhosh,

You are using 2009 or 2012?

Hi saju.K,

I am using AX 2012…

In AX 2012, we nee to define structure. It’s a relation where we define which all dimension will be active for a ledger account. After the COA configuration is created and activated, it is attached to COA form. Dimension will be activated in all the financial transactions automatically.


Hi Santosh,

Go to GL> setup> financial dimension> financial dimensions here we create financial dimensions. To see the table you right click on this form and click personlise and and form opens where u can get the information of table.