Missing Dimensions in credit part of voucher project hours

Hello all,
I’m using Dynamics 2012R2 and made a dimension setup where the operating units: department, business unit and cost centre also are used as financial dimensions.

For the dimension department I setup positions and I attached workers/employees to those positions. So when I post a project hour transaction, the financial dimension department is automatically inherited from the employee/position.

I also created a project, on the project itself I filled in the dimension cost centre. Goal of this setup is that every time an employee post hours on that project, the dimension department and the dimension cost centre will be used in the financial vouchers so we can report on department and cost centre.

When I post the hour journal in this project. The dimensions CC is only used in the debit posting. (which is project cost or WIP) but in the offset posting which is payroll allocation only the dimension department is used, but NOT the CC. Also when I use other dimensions they are only included in the debit posting and not in the payroll allocation.

Does anybody know a solution that the CC is also included in the payroll allocation posting?