Excel to Nav!

Hi All. I have all the datat of the sales incoices and purchase in excel, i want to import them into navision. Haw can i do this, i search in forum but i have not find any tools that make this. Thanks in advance.

Hi Soni,

There aren’t any standard tools to import excel based invoices into Navision. You need to build this your self.

But if you look for Excel Import then you’ll find many many posts about that.

Can i use data migration, (sales line ) to import invoice from excel.

The data migration tool can only import to a single table. So I think it would be easier to build a new setup.

you can use dataport of your own developed object.
you can make use of Excel Mapping Tool also, but you must study the Sales Header and Sales Lines behaviour when doing imports.
you have to evaluate, experiment, and experience yourself on this tool.


You need to write Dataport to import data in Table

But plz study both the table carefully and then import the relevant fields

I have done this in my project.



Dataport to import Excel???

Not exactly the easiest way! Unless you save your Excel sheets like CSV files first.


DataPorts are good only when the excel data is contained in CSV-files. If this is not the case, the best (as to me) would be to use Nav-Automation objects to access Excel and XLS/XLSX-data sheets.

I could provide a codeunit I have developed, if you like, in order to save you a lot of work. It contains various functions using Automation to Word and Excel v. 2007 from Navision v.4 and 5. Anyway you’d need to taylor the functions to match your own needs.

Rumen F.

You can use data migration to do this but you need to make a coule of mods to it first. You will need to be able to specify the number series of the sales invoice before the document number and the posting date before the customer. This means you will need to add a validation order field and some code to change the order in which fields are validated. Use data migration to create an excel spreadsheet with header and lines table in it and you can use just one spreadsheet with two tables. If you want dimensions, you have even more work to do. I have done this and got it all working so I can offer more help if you decide to do it the same way.

Thank you very much for your suggestions,

I think to use to use your way Gaspode, te export in the same worksheet to tables and than to continue , because i think that is more easy way.

Thanks all.