need dataport for sales order. we use Navision is 3.7 (4.0 SP3)

We are looking to have information imported from our home grown billing system into Navision 3.7. Our previuos support company “BMS” is out of business and I am looking for advise who can assist in writing this dataport. We also need consulting work for a new invoice template as well that will have more detail than the standard invoice template.

From what I can see, Two tables are used when preparing a sales order: Sales Header Table (36) and Sales Line Table (37). We need to import a .csv file into Navision to create multiple sales orders for our customers. The sales header table(36) will need the following fields imported:

No. Sell-to Customer No. Sales Agent Code Responsibility Center Ordered By External Document No.

The Sales Line Table may have multiple lines of information for each invoice. The fields that we need to import are:

Type No. Description Originals Copies Width Length SQ FT Unit Price Excl. Tax

Not sure if there are stock examples that we can use and test or have someone develop this dataport. I am looking for guidance how we can implement and who we can use.

Thank you.