Transfer purchase invoices form old system to NAV 2009

Dear all ,

I need to transfer purchase invoices from old system to NAV 2009 . using any data migration tool

the problem is invoices use 2 tables purchase header table and purchase line table . is this available ??

if so, how can I perform this , and which tool I should use to do this

in details please .

thanks in advance

  1. You can write dataport to upload the same

  2. Use Universal Excel Mapping tool Link is here

To upload the same.

thanks a lot

but I have some questions :

1- how can I run universal importer ?? I can’t execute the code unit .

2- will I use it for each table one after one ??

3- if so , what are table I should update : purchase line and purchase header , anything else??

thanks again for your great effort


Dear Amol ,

I tried to import data using standard "Datamigration " tool , into the 2 tables: Purchase header and line

in the "Purchase header " table , the system accept vendor No. but doesn’t populate related info ( i.e name , posting group …etc)

is there any explanation ??

thanks in advance

Were their any error ?

It is not getting validated …

sorry for bothering

but how can I validate them??

I’m not so technical guru , [*-)]

When you select the migrating field there is a column named validate, which is default true for all.

But have you seen the error report available in there.

Dear Manish,

thanks for your reply ,

but I didn’t find the column you told about neither in Purchase header nor in purchase line table .

where is it?? [:)]


on the other hand , the error I got is " you must enter vendor no."

The validate is there in Migration fields screen

If it is not displayed then you need to bring it on the screen.

I brought the validate column to “migration field” screen and check all select fields to be validated

then I :

1- exported the file to excel

2- entered 2 test invoices to the excel file

3- run import from excel function

I got the same result : the system accepted only the document no and the vendor number

and neglected the posting date , and didn’t populated vendor info>


Again have you seen the No. of Migration Error in the Migration Overview Form (Main Form).

Is the vendor Info exported to Excel file created from Data Migration Overview form.

for the first question :

number of errors is the same number of lines ( all record are invalid)

for the second question :

I exported The file from data migration , then filled all data in it using the same format exported from the system

Is the excel file having the vendor name field, which you might be keeping blank for NAV to validate it.

I tried all possibilities :

filled all fields once

and leave some of them blank in another time

and have the same result


Can you show the excel file.

These are files I use : first for header , second for lie

1346.PI-header test.xlsx (12.2 KB)

4606.PI-line test.xlsx (12.5 KB)

Again I have check with the same fields u have taken & there is no issue in here.

Could you check your Vendor Master Card for vendor no. 50 for its name is not blank or the search name is not blank(what a stupid question to ask).