Excel languages..

Hey guys! We are now exporting data from Navision to Excel(doing the Copy/Paste from a Navision Grid). Everything works well except that Navision number format is set to US and our Excel is set to French. So when i’m exporting number, it goes like this in Excel: A1: 15 000 B1: 15 000 C1: 0(Total) What I need is something like this: A1: 15000 B1: 15000 C1: 30000(Total) Is there any settings in Navision to remove the space when a number reach the thousands? Tanks!

have a look at the FORMAT property in table or form which displays the grid

Hello, I think it’s the same problem we encouter in France. You have to set in Control panel/regional parameters the thousand separators for number and currency to ’ ’ / space (default is 0160) The thousand separator is set to special char 160 and not to char 32 (space) because in Word char 160 is used for nonbreaking space purpose. Thus, you cannot have a line break in an autoformated amount in Word. very tricky … no ? [;)] Best regards Patrick