Copy & Paste to excel

When you copy and paste decimals from Navision to Excel. You obtain in Excel Text value for all numbers formated with a thousand separator. It’s because, the thousand separator formated in output is special ascii code 160 and not a space. However, you have to find & remplace all car(160) with ‘’ to get decimals in cells.[V] I think it’s probably due to typical thousand separator space used in france (with , there is no problem) Is somebody knows an issue Thanks a lot

It is related to your regional settings, you need to “play” around a bit, to get it to work correctly, but it is your windows settings, and not Navision that is the problem.

Hello Probably it is a dummy method but i’ve used a copy into external text for needed cells. After that they were processed and copied back. It gave me the result but certainly it is not the solution. I use PE Windows 2000 SP3 with the installed support for russian. Best regards, Anthony

Hi, I have the same error in Sweden with most Windows operating systems. The remedy: Go to Control Panel, Regional Settings. Goto the numeric fomat tab. Tab down to decimal separator. Hit the space key. OK and close. Now the disturbing character is replaced by Space, and copying will work correctley. Pelle

This solution still works in 2007.

Thank you.

Nice to hear, jsrark! If you are interested in WHY: The normal space is not used as thousands delimiter because that would permit linebreaks in the middle of numbers in i.e. MS Word. So thanks to that, millions of people cannot copy properly to Excel. Murphy’s law: Every solution breeds new problems. //Pelle

Well I guess there is always a problem somewhere around the corner…