Navision/excel & greek characters

Hi, would someone be able to help. We have installed the language support in Navision, and all greek characters are appearing correctly. But, when we go to extract the data from Navision to excel for the chart of accounts - we always have used copy and paste - and the characters are coming in incorrectly in to excel, tried word, wordpad, notepad etc, still no luck. Any ideas on where I go from here?


Hi Colette and welcome to forum,

Navisions doesn’t support Unicode by design, so problems with non-latin alphabets are inevitable.

Try “Paste Special” in Excel and select “text” - it defaults to “unicode” and thus gives garbage.
Besides, even different versions of Excel behave differently, with 2003 I use this approach, 2007 for unknown reasons pastes correctly. Haven’t tested with Greek, but it works in my language (which uses Latin alphabet, but we have additional chars with diacritical marks).


thanks for that - and yes brilliant it worked on the Greek Characters. The only problem we have now is that when numbers are loaded, they are converted to 122344 e+11 format…So only way I can see around that, is to set all columns in the Excel spreadsheet to text first, and then paste the data - Does anyone know if there is any other way


Ooops - either you are a VERY big company or in Zimbabve, if your figures reach tenths of billions… Doesn’t simple formatting help you? Excel has decided to use Scientific, change it to simple Number - or Currency.

Excel’s autoapplying of format depending on data inserted can sometimes become really annoying, even worse, if you have a code like 9/12 Excel will decide it is date (9-Dec-2009). Scientific it applies to 1)really big numbers 2)numbers with many decimal signs like 3.1415926 3)when column width is to small to display large numbers…