Error while Posting PO

Hello Guys,

I am working on NAV 2009 , I am geeting error while posting Purchase order.

The process flow is as follows:-

Item having costing method as : Specific

with item tracking true for serial number

Then step one is create sales order then create purchase order

then assign serial number on PO then i am try to post

while posting it shows as error " Item Tracking does not match "

Kindly provide me solution for this.

Thanks in advance



Is there any reservation between Sales Order and Purchase Order?

I hope system may take serial number automatically to the purchase order

There is no reservation between Sales order and Purchase order.



Ya system will assign serial number on purchase order automatically if we define number series.

But while posting it shows an error that Item tracking does not match.

Does system checking same sr. number for Sales order also?



Then I am not able to replicate your error as per your steps

BTW, are you using Drop shipment functionality?

Yes, I hope you are using drop shipment functionality

you need to synchronize the Item tracking lines from Purchase Order

I am not using Drop shipment functionality.

We had done small customization on sale order that from sales order you can create Purchase requisition and from Purch req. you can create PO this is normally out of ox available.

So i have to assign the sr. number on PO then I am trying to post it at that time it shows an error that " Item tracking does not match"

I think it is checking the sr. no on sales order also.



Yes, it will check when you have sa;es order no in your purchase line…


Yes The system will check the same serial number for sales order also

So in that case we have to flow same serial number on the related sales order.

If this is done then will the problem is resolve?



Yes…you just select the same Serial no as purchase line in sales line


Yes correct, u try for that. then ur problem solved

Yes we had done that and now we are able to post.

In case of Drop shipment condiiton it will check item reservation entry.

So we insert one additional condition on the item resrvation. then our problem is resolve.

thanks for your valuable inputs.