Item tracking project

please i hve started new project item tracking by lot and serials ?

I need first to apply manual lot number to an item in purchase order .

very simple question :

how can i give a serial or lot muber manualy to any item in purchase order .

thank you for any help in this issue .

You didn’t write what version you’re using. I can explain you how this works in NAV 4.00 SP3:

First you need to setup the Item Tracking Code on the Items. Here you setup your number series and where to use the tracking.

Then when you have entered the item on the Purchase Line you use the Line button and select “Item Tracking Lines”. Here you enter the serial numbers/lot numbers for as many quantity you have.

thank you Erik for your fast reply

i am in navision 4 SP1 .

great … so what is SN Specific tracking or Lot specific tracking option in ITem tracking code card ? does has any side effect on giving manual lots ?

thank U… hoping also from you to answer all my questions in this project

i think that has nothing to do with manual numbers,

U can always use manual numbering, in case you do not want to use manual Lots (make manual data entry) u can use the Lot No. or SN No. series on item card, and insetead of filling manually the values, you can press functions assign lot number or serial No’s

yes Romeo … you are right in this solution …i have reached this level …

but sometimes and not always i am getting message when doing production order and press line components → then line —>item tracking No

and when press on assit edit to choose the lot numbers … sometimes and not always … givimg me this message " You cannot enter’32:0 , 1538537 ’ in RecordID . the cursor is in front of the invalid character " … where i am still looking for the reason of this message .

example RKR00001 is raw and purchased by lot hanagar … and after doing transfer order by using lotno from hanagar to H-prod …then doing production order FRK000057 ; one of its componenets is RKR00001 …and when going to line —>componets to go to tracking item no … to chose the lot nos … giving me that message mention above … if you have any idea about this message please let me know …

Romeo Great to hear from you …

Hi Jouhayna,

First you should setup the item :

  • In Item card, on the “Item tracking” tab (or page), you should select the “Item tracking code” from a list of “Item tracking codes” you prepared (Lot No OR serial No., expiration date…).

Now, your item is configured with Lot No. tracking.
In the purchase order, after you add a line with your item and a quantity to order,
you go to the MenuButton “Line” and “Item Tracking Lines” : In the “Item tracking lines” interface shown, you type (manually) your lot number and the “Quantity(base)” (The same quantity on your purchase line if you have a unique lot number for this line).

After this,in the top of the interface, you must have the “undefined” column equal 0.
You make Escape (or close this form) and your returned to the purchase order.
Your lot is typed and you can validate the order.

Good for u…

Sorry… I don’t read that someone has replied to the first question. :slight_smile:

perhaps this can help : (they said it’s a fix and gived a link to partner source but I don’t know about the version this Hotfix is resolving).'32%3A0

Thank you kamel. hedi … yes you helped me in you last tip … and yesterday i did know and sure that the problem is from reservation entries …it makes a problem sometimes when we are doing transfer orders by lotno … and as i was working on testing database … as i have deleted the reservatin entries related to this issue ;; my problem was solved …

the summary of this problem and solution is :

In Item Tracking LInes I click on the Button (…) in Lot No. and I recieve this error. The error comes from CodeUnit 6500, Function ValidBinCode. yes the problem is caused from some entries in the table Reservation Entry.

it must be fix it like this …

//S001 start
IF NOT EVALUATE(RecordID,GetRecordID(ReservEntry)) THEN
//S001 End

with reference to :'32%3A0

but if any body can tell why exactly makes like this in reservation entry , i would be very gratefull …

thank you for you all … i will continue in my project … and i will have after more questions