Error: The template group xxxx does not contain active templates. When trying to add GroupId on Sales Quotation form.

I am trying to create a sales Quotation in Ax 2012 R2.

Sales & marketing > Quotations > Sales Quotations > Click on new > Enter customer from Lookup > Expand Template tab

Then When i check groupid field, there is no data. I have went to that form and added a record . Then when I come to quotations form and select that record i have added, I am getting this error

“The template group xxxx does not contain active templates.”

Can someone help me how to do setup for this?

The action you are trying to do mean that you are going to use that template for creating that sales quotation, but you don’t have any quotation defined as template.
You should have a sales quotation with that template group id and name before using the template for creating the new sales quotation. For that go to any already created sales quotation and define it as template by selecting the group, name and marking it as active.