Sales Order Template

Hello Experts,

I am aware that option to create a template for the Sales Quotation currently existing in Microsoft Dynamics AX, but what about creating template for sales order? I couldn’t find it in T&L book nor online.

Also, would it be possible to create a sales order first (add few sales line items, warehouse, qty. discounts) and then add customer info on the sales order header, instead of the other way around, customer then sales order lines?

Appreciate your help. [:)]

Hello Bee,

Try to use the sales order type ‘journal’ and the function ‘copy from all’.

They can fix your problems.



I want more information about this topic.


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In what way?

I created a sales order type journal and when i go to Functions - Copy from all, i get the new window and i go and choose random sales order because im trying to copy sales order lines from that random sales order to my journal, i select it and when i click OK nothing happens.

What am i doing wrong? [^o)]