Sales oder creation from Quotation

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I want to create the sales order from the sales quotation and when i am confirming the quotation it converted to sales agreement, i think there is some parameter to control this, as the system ask you (pop up window) to create the sales agreement or sales oder.

Please guide me the navigation.

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Have created any workflow for Sales order creation?.

In my system from sales quotation to sales order up to invoicing AX working perfectly. If you have set any workflow you can delete the same and work with default AX setup. I think there should not be any such problem. Hope you will recheck and confirm.


there is no workflow at all, actually there is some parameter setup, which pop up message window at the time of confirmation of the quotation where you want to convert the sales quotation to salesa agreement, if u click yes it will create the agreement if no it will create the sale order

I believe that is either a customization or a localization.


There is no customization at all in AX, for your reference attached is the screen shot, which is coming in one of my company while confirming the quotation and in another company it is directly converting to the sales agreement without showing the message window:

I suggest you get a developer to look at the code and tell you where the flag is.

Hi Imran,

If once the sales quotation is confirmed then it will automatically create a sales order. In your case if it creating a sales agreement then please contact the technical guy to check the parameters once.For me sales quotation to sales order is working fine as it is a default setup in our AX.

  • Krisheed