Error Message in settle prepayment

Does any one know how to solve the error message :

“A prepayment cannot be settled with other prepayments or invoices. Ensure that prepayments are paid separately or that no prepayments are selected, and then try again.”.

It is happened when i settle more the one prepayment invoice.

Can i settle more than one prepayment ?

The second question is

if there is 2 prepayment invoice. When i settle the second prepayment invoice i got the error message :

“This prepayment cannot be settled because there is an earlier prepayment for purchase order ######## that has not yet been settled. You must settle the previous prepayment before proceeding.”

How can i solve this, so i can settle the second prepayment ?

Thanks in advance



You can only have 1 payment 1 invoice for Prepayments.

Mutiple payments and Invoices settlement is not allowed.

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for your kindly support.

I another question. Is it possible to make multiple prepayment in purchasing ?

When i set the first prepayment 20 %, the value is correct.

After that i set the second prepayment 30 %, the value is not correct.

Thanks in advance



Hey Rudy,

Can you please let me know values that you are seeing as incorrect? I have not tried this scenario but certainly I can help you with calculation logic.

Thanks, Sachin