Multiple Prepayment for Single Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2 (CU7)

Hi Champions,

My client’s requirement is to post multiple prepayment for a single purchase order.

The first prepayment has been posted into system and settled duly, but second time when I tried to book one more prepayment for the same purchase order (and same purchase line) system is showing the following message: “The prepayment limit cannot be changed to the specified amount. Enter an amount that is greater than the sum of the previously invoiced prepayments.”.

(Example: Purchase Line Quantiy is 6, per pcs rate is $1000.00. I booked $2000.00 for prepayment, settled. Now again I need to book one more prepayment for $2500.00…)

Please help.


Prepayment once settled with invoice cannot be revoked from Purchase Order. Only solution is to enter 100% or full purchase order value during prepayment setup form. In this way, you can create multiple prepayment invoices and post them as required. Amount/Percentage set at initial level will not disturb any entry if it is not availed.