error in rounding precision

hi all,

i’m getting an error while posting the sales invoices. if I took the amount rounding precision value is 1 in the general ledger setup. i’m attaching the image, that what kind of error i’m getting.

just find error attachment and give the solution for this error

thanks all

check invoice rounding precision and make that 1.


thanks for your response, I’ve checked the invoice rounding precision and changed to 1, and continued the same process even though i stopped at the same part, means when post the invoice i got the same error.

Do you know the result of making invoice rounding precision to 1?

Did you discuss with your finance/management team before doing this?

not exactly, but according to me when the invoicing rounding precision is adjusted to 1, the decimal values of the net total amount will calculate as 1

Eg: if the net total amount is 1000.85 then system calculate the decimal value as 1.00 and the total amount will display as 1001

when i was practicing i changed the rounding precision values and tested, with this only i got this error

Did you try by deleting the line from sales invoice and creating again after chaging?

Yes of-course i deleted the invoice line and created the new line, even i was getting the same problem. but if i select the currency code in the lines those invoices were posting normally. if I didn’t select the currency code in the lines i was getting the same error.

i’m doing this entire process in Dynamics NAV 7.0 (2013)

Check in CRONUS database how rounding is set up in General Ledger Setup

You will get an idea