Decimals in General Ledger

We are using Navision Financials W.W. 2.0 There is a field the General Ledger Setup tabel (tabel 98). The Field is called Amount Rounding Precision (field no. 73) If I want to change the value to 1 (= the LCY amount will always be a hole amount), I get an error, becuase I already have some G/L entries. My question is: Is there any risk in bypassing this error, and change the value anyway ? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I think you can’t make this. If you will change this field to 1 you will not be able apply any payments to posted invoices if invoice amount was not rounded to 1. Also you cant post any not rounded payment discounts. You cant post COGS if Item cost was not rounded before. Every time you will have ERROR MESSAGE – The amount must be rounded. As example: You have Customer invoice 0n $100.40 and you try to post cash receipt. System will round this amount to 100. But during posting system calculate AppliedAmount 100.40 and try to post this amount. It will generate error message ‘The Amount –100.40 needs to be rounded…’; You can make this only if all previously posted entries was rounded. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 2/25/00 5:33:13 PM Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 2/25/00 5:34:10 PM

Thanks, You are right. As I do not have the rights to modify the relevant tables, I will let my NSC make a report that runs thrugh the tables, and make the right roundings, before I set the value to 1.