Error from Purchase/planning/Requisition Worksheets


This is my first post. I found that page looking for some solutions, I think it is very nice knowledge base. I’m from Poland working in small company where we use Navision 6.0 SP1 ( 6.00.29626). Because I didn’t found solution I’ve decide to wrote my first post.

So in place from subject ( I think it is standard “report” ) when we try to generate this we have info that:

“The Untracked Planning Element already exists”.

Report stop generating on item before line with error. It is not the same item every time.

Any help or idea why we get this error ?

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Any resolve with this error i am also having the same problem

untracked planning element already exists

I have found out what item is causing the problem, and compared the item to another item card (but everything looks good), where else should i be looking to resolve the problem

Yes I am still having that problem despite implementing the microsoft fix.

However - we found by changing the end date - sometimes you can get around the problem