Navision 2.5ML

I hope someone will be able to help me with a problem that I have created myslef on our Navision. As you can see we are running older version (soon to be upgraded) of Navision.

I was makeing some minor changes to our Sales Invoice Report (ID:10074). To avoid working on the real copy I attemted to copy it with different ID. That’s when things went terribly wrong. First of all, It seemed like I was able copy it (it complained that it’s a duplicate ID, name) so I have changed it to 50057 (next available). Then I realized that it didn’t copy it and I managed to rename the only copy of it on our Navision.

Here is the problem I have: I can’t rename it back to 10074!!! It tells me that I don’t have rights to create this report! So right now we can’t issue any Invoices!!


Get a Cronus db. Export the object and import it into your database.

Hi Rashed, yeah I have tried it but I get error that I don’t have enough premission to create that report. I have all permission that I know off with my username.

You can importobjects from backup files too. From the object designer, go to File, Import, chenge the file type to “all types” and browse to the latest backup file. Then select the option that opens the import worksheet, and set a filter on Report number 10047, so that this is the only object that is imported. Make sure that nothing else is selected, or it will replace existing objects, and you might lose modifications.

Denster that was a lifesaver!! Great job and Thank YOU for your help! I’m back up and running with 3 companies that car generate Sales Invoices. And yest it is 1:32am!!

You’re welcome Peter, always happy to help. I was in a very similar situation as you when I found out about being able to get objects from a backup file (2am, just accidentally screwed up hours of work, thinking you lost an object), and I think I actually got up out of my chair in my PJ’s and danced around my hotel room [:D]

Is that function documented somewhere ? I mean I find it a very cool “feature”. I hope I will remeber when I need to !

Ahhh the ups and downs of dealing with software. Sometimes I’m thinking to switching to sell hotdogs on the side of the street.

Thanks for Your help!!

Hi Thomas, yhea it’s a cool feature, and I have not found any reference in Navisions manuals. Too bad because it is quite useful.