Inconsistency in Planning

Hi People, I have been trying to test the 3.60 Planning functionality. 1. Take the standard cronus company. 2. Run Regenerative Plan upto end of June 2003 (you may need to calculate Calendar upto end of december). 3. Take the default Action Message and Carry out Action message to Firm Planned Orders, and Requisition System. 4. Run regenerative Planning again for the same condition. I get new requests for the same Items. I can understand for Purchase Items as the req. Worksheets will be deleted. But this happens even for Production Order Items. Is this a registered Bug. This also happens in 3.10.[:(!] Cheers,

And when you release the orders ?

Hi Prashanth It will regenerate the suggestions whilst the production orders remain as firm planned - it will suggest you plan the original demand, however you should also get the action message to “Cancel” the firm planned orders as well as make the “New” planned produciton orders. Whether this is a correct concept seemingly rating the planned orders as a higher status than the firm planned orders from a planning perspective is debatable (surely once you have firmed up a plan it has a higher conceptually planned status - i.e. I am going to do this?). However arguably they may say you should action all of your firm planned to released prior to this? I am unsure, but you should have the suggesitons of new and the cancelling of the firm planned orders - naturally if you ignore one receommendation and take the other you could potentially over or under produce - but this will always be the case if you pick and choose the planning suggestions to your hearts content [:D].

Hi Steve, This in a few cases also happens for some Released Orders. I am also facing this for some Released order which are already Underway in the Production. That means, I have started posting my Output Journal but managed to make only Half (500) out of the requirement (1000) today. And the rest of the Quantity (500) I will produce it Tommorow. When this happens my Planning suggests I cancel the Remaining Quantity (500) on my production order and create a New for all the Requirements (1000) again.

Hi Prashanth As I am sure you are aware the planning engine is a complex beast, and it will be difficult to comment on particular situations without all of the parameters and supply/demand combinations for the regen. However looking at the public logs you can se that some replanning errors exist:


Step 1. Create 3 sales orders one line each for same item, qty 3, 3 & 4 Step 2. Generate a released Production order w/ qty of 3 and report output for 1st operation. Step 3. Use Planning worksheet, regen for same item, will suggest a Firm Planned Production order w/ qty of 7. (this is correct) Step 4. Create a Firm Planned order for Qty of 3. Step 5. Use Planning worksheet, regen for same item, will suggest a Firm Planned Production order change w/ qty of 10. (this is not correct) If you delete the Firm Planned order for 3 and regen it will correctly suggest a new firm planned for 7. The problem appears to be that when a firm planned order exists, it does not take the released Production order into account, but when a firmed planned order does not exist it correctly takes the released production order into account.

This is a known error in 3.60. I can only suggest you plot the parameters of the error and report it back [:(!]

Thanks Steven, I will report this to Navision as you have made the scenerio. Thanks,

Please check up with regard to Location such as your Sales Order and Production Orders to have been created for the same location. In our case 3.6, under most of the scenrios described above, is working OK.