Dynamics Mobile for NAV

I attempted to set this up on my notebook the other day (which is running vista), only to discover that it will only run on IIS6.

With vista and server 2008 using IIS7 it seems odd that MS would release this technology running on web server technology that has already been replaced. I know that certainly with vista we have the option of installing the IIS6 mgt console (though I havent sucessfully been able to use this).

Does anyone else have any experiences in this respect?

the mobile sales application which was given in partner source is ony run with windows server 2003+sp2 with iis 6 and sql server 2005 sp2 with sqlce and .net framework 2.0sp1 .

to run this mobile application we need a domain group and mobile licence for each mobile.

and this application mainly running depending upon the webservice.