mobile app for microsoft dynamics

Hi !

I was wondering does anybody uses mobile application for microsoft dynamics? And if which product do you use ?

I’am using one for pivot, filtering, data-mining… it works great and it really helps me when i’m not in the office.

Do you think it will catch on ?

I didn’t see many people using it, neither any big excitement on the net. [*-)] .

The only thing iam worried about is the security for information, but i was told that it’s secured as it should be in any cloud.

Any opinions?

What kind of mobile application for Dynamics are you looking for? There are a lot of different options.

Hi Walter, Please have a look at our Anveo Mobile App solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a fully integrated app toolkit to easily built any mobile app solution. Typical examples is sales staff and service technicians, but as it is a took-kit - just build your individual one.

Pls. have a look at our website
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