NAV Server on VMWare

Hi All,

Does Microsoft support/ recommend NAV Server on VMWare?

Please share your experience on using NAV Server (I am mainly interested in NAV2009 here) on VMWare.

Unless Microsoft has plans to purchase VMWare, they will never recommend this particular solution, as they are a direct competitor for MSFT

They might not officially support VMWare Daniel, but have you tried it and how does it work?

There were two questions and I answered one of them. If I had an answer to the second one, don’t you think I would have included that? [;)]

Well I just remember that you have been writing about your experiences with VMWare before. But of course that was some years ago, and long time before NAV 2009…

That’s correct, I’ve used VMWare to simulate customer environments for development purposes, and not for NAV2009 (yet, but probably will in the not so distant future). I would personally be hesitant to advise customers to use VMWare, or any type of virtualization, for production NAV databases. We’re having a hard time getting performance at acceptable levels as it is, and doing it all on virtual machines just adds another level of complexity.

I know it’s used for production though, I just don’t know about what you would need to do to make that work, especially NAV2009.

Thanks Denster and Eric for your inputs on the topic…

My organization has been running MS Dynamics NAV 2009 on VMWare for 3 months. We have 2 sqlServer 2008 servers (one for production, one for development) on Windows Server 2003 (64 bit), running the Nav Server service on Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) and the clients running on Windows XP Pro sp 3. So far, no issues have been attributable to VMWare.

Navision with SQL Server on VMWare runs fine, but Native/classic database might be wobbely. I’ve seen network issues at some customers that even experts could not solve.

However, I know that there are Native databases running on VMWare but I don’'t know how they configured the network.

SQL2008 and VMWare is even supported now by MSFT AFAIK.

We have a couple of clients running on VMWare. One that Mark helped to set up, and they are running fine. But you really need to know what you are doing. Make sure to get expert help before doing this.

I have installed NAV server on VM running Win 2003 but i seem to have connection problem to connect a Win XP based client