Navision 3.60 and smartphone integration

We currently run version 3.60 Navision Dynamic Database with a Nav 2009 Client.

We are currently looking at the process on integrating the Relationship Management, Sales Quotes, Orders & Posted Invoices to a web based type service.

A few years back our Australian company was able to connect via a web browsers using Microsoft Message queuing.

A guess what we are looking for is there anything out in the market in terms of Application that connect to Navision 3.60 using the Smart phone such as I pad or Android.

Well Stuart, there could be different ways to do this. As you are already using the NAV 2009 client (classic) then it would not be such a big project to upgrade a bit more, so that you will be able to use the web services.

Or you could contact ExpandIT Mobile ( they might also have the solution you’re looking for.

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There are many developer who are also into some sort of idea of developing special app to work on certain business, which is why many company have been involve in making mobile app.

Hi Stuart. Although your post is some days ago, I’d like to follow up anyway as our Anveo Mobile App solution is an offline-capable app builder for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The good news: we also support previous NAV version from Navision 3.6 to Dynamics NAV 2016.

If you’d like to know more, please find some info on our website at

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