Download section

Dear member,

As you might have seen, then the new Download area is now active. But it will never become better if you don’t start using it. I need to know what’s good and what’s bad. If you need other functions etc.

To download files you must be logged in to the website.

To upload files you need to be registered as a “Trusted Member”. You can become a trusted member, by writing me if you have already made a number of posts. If you have not yet made any posts to the site, then please contact me anyway. If you have anyone who can say “good” for you, then I will open it up also. The reason for doing this, is that I don’t want anyone to “come in from the streets” and start uploading illigal material or something in that direction…

I like that -

That should also ensure that the downloaded material isn’t going to cause your PC to be filled with viruses…

That would be great, but then a huge job, if the moderator had to virus check every upload, but sure it makes good sense.

I need to concentrate on converting all the history from MBSOnline, so I am going to say no to this one. After the conversion is complete, I am fine to co-moderate with some one, once the conversion is complete.

PS Henrik looks like he is getting close to volenteering. [:D]

Actually I was just thinking, to manage the Download section, really requires a very good internet connection. I think you know I am running a tin can wire type setup at the moment (well actually WiFi over abotu 20km [:O] ), which does tend to die occasionally, so untill I get something more stable I am out.

Definitely it needs to be someone that has a good connection.