Site moved again!

Dear members,
First thank you to all the members who signing up last week.

After a week on web host where our community/forum software Community Server never got to work correctly, then I’ve now moved the site to another web host that has been recommended to me by many other sites running Community Server. And here it seams that everything that didn’t work before now works.

But I’m sad to say that the site has been reset, as the other web host did not allow us to download a backup we could restore. So all the posts are gone again. And also the member registrations that was done last week.

So everyone who signed up last week as to sign up again. The good thing here is that we now can ensure, that all members who used to have a member account on the old site at are using the same user-id here. This will make your old posts from point to your new account when the posts are converted over.

We are going to move over all the important postings that where done, and until that happens, then the site will still be enabled.

But please update your favorites to the new site: (the other domain will soon point directly to the new site).

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Erik P. Ernst

So, does this mean we should wait with creating the accounts, hoping they will be transfered from

Or should we re-create the accounts using the same logins as on


Kashperuk Ivan

I read a similar topic in another branch, but it’s not yet completely clear if I should re-create my account.

And because of this - there is a question - how do I delete a user?

I want to delete this one and add another one, whose ID matches the one on MBSOnline.

(because the e-mail validation doesn’t let me create a user with the same e-mail)

Well, I had to create a user with my other e-mail.

So it’s OK to remove the user: temp_user

Just to clarify this. Users will initially not be brought over. David still thinks he might be able to do it, but it will take a long time (weeks or months). So just go ahead and create your accounts.

I’m not sure if you can delete your own account. The problem is that you’ve already used it to post. It would be like deleting a g/l account you had already posted to…


Well done for making the move.

It’s always difficult to make these type of decisions.

What is most important tis to be on-line and avilable for all of us in the community

Well, here I am! :slight_smile:
Back to my former user name… which is my real name.

I’ve now checked this. It is currently NOT possible to delete an account. But as soon as Community Server 2.1 (currently running 2.0) is released there will be an option to delete the user by pointing out a userid where the post will be transferred to. So if you have two accounts we can delete one and let the other continue. If you don’t have any other account, then the posts will be moved to the Anonymous account…