Frontpage Announcement of May

Below is just the annoncement that was posted on the frontpage when the site went online. Reposted here for archiving purposes:


Well we are back again now. After a week on web host where our community/forum software Community Server never got to work correctly, then I’ve now moved the site to another web host that has been recommended to me by many other sites running Community Server. And here it seams that everything that didn’t work before now works.

But I’m sad to say that the site has been reset, as the other web host did not allow us to download a backup we could restore. So all the posts are gone again. And also the member registrations that was done last week.

So everyone who signed up last week as to sign up again. The good thing here is that we now can ensure, that all members who used to have a member account on the old site at are using the same user-id here. This will make your old posts from point to your new account when the posts are converted over.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Erik P. Ernst