File Uploading

Dear members, There was one (at least one!) function that simply didn’t work good enough on the old server. Uploads and downloads. All uploads were to me maintained by me, which I simply didn’t have the time for! [:(] Some of you have most likely already noticed. With the new site we have a new download engine. Now you can use the new download manager both to upload and download files. Until futher notice there is a limit on files - they cannot be bigger than 200Kb - I hope my ISP is able to fix this soon. You can upload files of maximum 5MB. If you have bigger files you will like to share with us, then please send me a PM.(Edited by admin - 2004 Oct. 08) If you have created an add-on or tool to one of the Microsoft Business Solutions products that you would like to share with the rest of the community, then you can upload it here and have it linked to your own topic, where the other members can ask questions about it or even get support! But that’s up to you. I general all kinds of uploads are welcome, as long as you keep copyright rules etc. in mind and stick to something of special interests to the Microsoft Business Solutions User Group members. All questions are welcome in the Website forum or even on PM’s. Thank you, Erik Ernst webmaster PS: I’ve transferred a few of the most popular downloads from the old site (incl. download hits), just for “demo-purposes”.