Doubled quantities in using lot numbers and warehouse (NAV2009)

Hi all, I have a problem in NAV 2009 (without SP1) that version 5.00SP1 had not. To reproduce the problem follow those steps:

  1. Create a purchase order using a location code having the flags “Require Put-Away”, “Require pick” and “Bin Mandatory” activated
  2. Create one line only using an item having an item tracking code with “Lot Warehouse Tracking” activated
  3. Release the order and select Functions, Create Inventory Put-Away Pick and press Ok
  4. Select Order, Invt. Put-away/Pick lines then press Shift+F5 (or simply select the put away document associated to the order you still created)
  5. On the lines insert a lot no, the bin code, a quantity to handle different from the quantity and then split the line (Functions, Split Line)
  6. On the new line change the lot no and post the receipt
  7. Go back to the purchase order and select Line, Item Tracking Lines. You will see that the quantities are dubbed, so for example, if you posted the receipt of 10 PCS of Lot 1 and 20 PCS of Lot 2 you will see two lines having as quantity 20 and 40 respectively

This problem has been introduced in 2009 version, and I would like to know if someone has solved it. I knew just now that SP1 of 2009 has solved the problem, but if someone has a suggest on how to solve it without installing the SP1 should be great.