Item Tracking Lines - multiple of lot numbers

Hi, I am trying to modify the Item Tracking functionality. Here is the req. In Sales Order / Transfer Orders / Consumption Journal users can select the lot numbers in item tracking lines. The user is allowed to select only one lot no. at a time using the assist edit button in the lot no field from the Item Tracking Specificaiton form. I am trying to change this so that the user can select multiple lot numbers at one time and populate the same in item tracking lines. I have added a new menuItem in the Functions menu button on Item Tracking lines form (6510) to select the lot numbers which brings up the same form as the assistedit on the lot no. field which has the option to select the lot numbers. The problem is populating the Item Tracking Lines with the selected lot numbers since the Item Tracking lines form works with temp variables. Please help, I am using Navision 4.0SP1. Thanks

Depending on how many open item ledger entries you usually have, it could be an idea that you open the item tracking lines form and fill it in even BEFORE a user has to click the AssistEdit button. The result would be to see all item tracking lines already with zero quantity and all the user has to do is to assign quantities to the lines. When closing the form, you just need to delete those lines again where the quantity is still zero. But you need to check when opening the form if there are lines already (with quantities) for a certain Item Ledger Entry No.

Hi Thomas, Thanks for the sugesstion, the problem is that they have about 20 to 50 or even 100 lot numbers at one time. So I dont think this would be a viable option. Any other suggestions ? Thanks

I managed to solve it, took me 2 days to get this petty thing working but it worked. Thanks for the help. Vishal

Congrats for solving that issue. Maybe you could post your solution (a guideline how to do it) here as a further reply so others could benefit from your solution. I guess that you have searched before posting if somebody else has (had) a similar problem. So will others !!!